Four ways with Copha Chocolate Crackles

Project brief:  

Take much-loved, existing Copha dessert recipes, and create engaging step-by-step how to videos. The video content focused on the Traditional Chocolate Crackle recipe and other ways with Chocolate Crackles.

DateFebruary 2017
Category Photography | Videography

The project involved us creating the Classic Chocolate Crackle recipe in a fun and achievable how-to video rendition. The scope also involved us creating video versions of Chocolate Crackle extender recipes such as Chocolate Crackle Popcorn, Chocolate Crackle Slice and Chocolate Crackle Easter Treats.

These various renditions provided ample opportunity to highlight the collection during relevant annual occasions such as Easter and the kids party season.

The content was and continues to be promoted via Copha’s social channels and across the myfoodbook content platform. By way of example, over the Easter promotion period, the Chocolate Crackle Easter Treats video received a collective 470k views across both Copha and myfoodbook social channels.

Chocolate Crackles

The Classic Chocolate Crackle recipe has been created in Australian homes for generations. We took that much-loved recipe and created video content to support it and enable consumers to re-engage with classic ideas using Copha

Chocolate Crackle Popcorn

Layered Chocolate Crackle Slice