Eggs everyday

Project brief:  

Create cooking content to highlight that eggs are the number one protein choice for breakfast. The recipes were to be classic ideas that also support other major PR programs such as World Egg Day and Pancake Day.

ClientAustralian Eggs
DateAugust 2015
CategoryRecipes | Photography | Cookbooks | Videography

The scope of the program of work included creating sixteen new recipe ideas that utilise a combination of cooking methods (frying, poaching, scrambling and making an omelette). 

The recipes were simple yet enticing, and featured a spread of content, to suit an adult and child-friendly audience.

A set of four stop-motion videos were created to amplify the fun and simple nature of the recipes. Promoted through the myfoodbook and myfoodblog network, this content was used in conjunction with how-to tips and copy to present a well-rounded campaign that promoted the use of eggs and eggs cooking knowledge in Australian homes.

Funny Face Soft-Boiled Eggs with Avocado and Vegemite Soldiers

Herb Omelettes

with Wilted Spinach and Smoked Fish

Healthy Egg Vegie Breakfast