More ways with Ardmona: Aussie Bolognese

Project brief:  

Create cooking content for the Aussie Family Cook. The brief highlights developing ideas that are easy, tasty and can enrich and organise the home kitchen routine.

DateJuly 2015 - September 2016
CategoryRecipes | Photography | Animation

We made a master Aussie Style Beef and Mushroom Bolognese; then created three different ways to serve it. 

By giving Aussie families different ways to use stock staple Bolognese sauce, we increased the need to batch cook and integrate Ardmona Tomatoes into the Aussie home cooks, kitchen routine.

By taking three simple ideas, supported by recipe cards and stop-motion video – the content was shared and amplified on Ardmona’s social channels, and on the publishing platform.

WMG worked on this program in collaboration with the SPC Ardmona team and their incumbent agency Slingshot Media.  See other “More Ways with Ardmona” projects. 

More ways with Ardmona: Bolognese. We created the ultimate version of Bolognese sauce and served it with spaghetti in this master recipe.
More ways with Ardmona: Bolognese. We added a batch of bolognese sauce to capsicums for a recipe that home cooks, would add to their dinner meal plan
More ways with Ardmona: Bolognese. We made traditional Aussie pies with a batch of Ardmona Bolognese sauce