More ways with Ardmona: Indian Butter Sauce

Project brief:  

Create cooking content suited to the Aussie Family Cook. The ideas were to be simple, delicious and expand the cooking repertoire of the Home Cook, while still being basic enough to fit into the weekly dinner routine.

DateJuly 2015 - September 2016
CategoryRecipes | Photography | Animation

We made a master Easy Indian Butter Sauce and transformed it into three delicious dinner ideas for the family.

This sauce capitalised on the insight that Australians weren’t often using canned tomatoes to create recipes from a range of different cuisines.

The idea aims to expand the cooking repertoire of Aussie families, by using an idea that is simple enough, and versatile enough to be batch cooked, and used for various meal occasions.

The content was transformed into recipe cards and stop-motion animation, which produced a dynamic element of shareability. The content was then amplified via Ardmona’s social channels and on the publishing platform.

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