About us.

This is our story.

Our Mission

To create beautiful, relevant and useful customer facing content for any business working in the food industry.  We strive to maximise your investment.  We don’t create “trends of the day”.  

Our mission is to create content that will establish and reinforce your brand position.  It will be designed to endure the needs of consumers today, and continue to deliver value for your business and customers over many years.  

Our History

Whisk Media Group was created as an extension of the publishing offer for our content partners featured on myfoodbook.com.au.  Working with a number of leading cooking & food brands over the years, we realised that  many brand communication relationships were held with Media Buying or Advertising Agencies; most of which are great at working with ads but not at creating true “content marketing”.  


With a long and successful career in marketing & public relations, Founder and Managing Director, Carolyn Brasher leads both businesses which combine the art of meeting brand objectives through consumer content engagement.